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How To Put Your Leftovers To Work

Published on: August 10, 2015

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To some people, leftovers are the unwanted scraps following a meal. To others, leftovers are a treasure-trove with endless possibilities. The remains of one meal can give birth to an entirely different meal—or be used to enhance another dish. We’ve talked before about using leftovers in order to make various kinds of stock, but let’s explore what other meals you can create with leftovers:


Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

Obviously what kind of leftovers you have affects what you are able to make. If you have any meats (like ground beef, turkey, pork, sausages, etc.) or vegetables, then you can easily put them into a bell pepper in order to make a tasty meal. They’re really easy to make too! All you have to do is put the peppers into the oven and bake them until the pepper becomes soft and the filling is warm. You can even customize your meal by using different colored bell peppers in order to create an artsy creation!




Another option is to make a breakfast fit for champions by combining your leftovers into a delicious omelet. Omelets are great because there are no rules dictating what is allowed in them—taste is all that matters, so get creative! You could make taco omelets with your leftovers from a Mexican feast or generic turkey/ham omelets if you have leftover deli meat.


Stir Fry

Stir Fry


Stir fry is another simple dish to make that is so satisfying. It’s an Asian style dish in which ingredients are fried in a wok in order to seal in the flavors of the food. Just like with omelets, you can mix and match any combination of meats and vegetables to make any kind of stir fry that you want. My personal favorite is a classic broccoli and chicken stir fry!





A casserole is a deep dish that consists of various pieces of meat or fish, vegetables, a starch of some sort (like flour, rice, potatoes or pasta), and some sort of crunchy or cheesy topping that is cooked slowly in an oven. The dish itself is not only the cooked food, but also the vessel that holds the food. What I mean by that is when people say “casserole dish,” they are talking about the cookware itself as well as the food.




Whether you put things on top of the lettuce or mix it in, salads are a fantastic way to finish off leftovers. You don’t even need to use lettuce—go for spinach or kale instead if that’s what you’re into. Throw in some olive oil or your favorite dressing, and you have a delicious medley of food. Plus, adding extra green vegetables to your meal never hurts!


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