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How to Host The Perfect Passover Seder

Published on: April 3, 2015

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This spring, Jewish families across the world will be celebrating the Passover holiday. Make your family’s meal extra special with these tips.

  1. Mix up the menu- While everyone loves traditional dishes, this year consider making something out of the box and colorful like tomato or spinach flavored mazto balls
  2. Get your necessities ready- You can’t have a successful seder without the right foods, seder plate and haggadah. Make sure your plate is polished and you have all of the food you need on it ready to go. A good tip is to make bowls of salt water and other foods you eat during the service and spread them across the table
  3. Get the kids involved- Make Passover memories by including your kids in the kitchen and prep. Give them tasks they can do depending on their age like making place cards or basic knife skill prep.
  4. End the meal with a sweet surprise- Just because you can’t eat regular cakes and cookies, doesn’t mean that dessert can’t be something special that everyone looks forward to. Perfect your flourless chocolate cake andindulge in homemade whip cream. Or get creative and make chocolate fondue with matzo and fruit to dip.


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