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An Intern’s Guide to Seamless

Published on: July 13, 2015

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// T.J. Boulger

Internships can be difficult. The work, the environment, the expectations, everything is new. Such stresses can often lead to unhealthy habits – especially when it comes to the seemingly endless supply of take-out that is now at your fingertips through Seamless, the go-to app for hungry students that shows all your delivery options and lets you order from any of them at the touch of a button. Take a page out of our book and use these quick tips to help you avoid adding unnecessary calories and additional stress this intern season:



Always include vegetables

When ordering a high calorie, high carb take out meal such as pizza, vegetables can be a saving grace. Broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, and many others can provide the nutrients the rest of your meal is severely lacking without adding on too many calories.



Hold the fries

A burger from a fast food restaurant may not be the healthiest choice you can make, but it is made much worse with a side of French fries. They are very high in saturated fat and carbohydrates and they’re often very difficult to stop eating. A side of fruit or even baked potato chips would serve you much better.



Grilled, not fried

Frying foods such as chicken results in them having a much higher amount of saturated fats which can lead to many health consequences including an increased risk for heart disease. Grilled chicken, though not without its own unhealthy characteristics, will have lower calorie and fat levels. Whenever given the choice, opt for grilled foods over fried.



Beware the heavy salads

Although generally a healthy choice, some salads can contain nearly 1,000 calories when they include too much dressing, cheese, and dark meat. To avoid this, stick with small amounts of light dressing, spinach instead of iceberg lettuce, and again – include vegetables.



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